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nothing stops me

nothing stops me Tableau Vivant \\ Haru hair Long sleek pony for girls and boys. Female style has a over shoulder extra option. @ NEO-Japan March 30th – April 21st Taxi  .:E.A.Studio:. Ears Akasuna Ears Akasuna Unisex Model ♦ Adjustable Skin Color – Whit Color Piker Tab ( Click on the tab to color) ♦ 8… Read More nothing stops me

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underground Stray Dog Malik Skin For Catwa “Gac” mesh head HUD with 2 skin versions: Natural & Freckles 4 Tones available: Compatible with Stray Dog Body Skin (07-08-09-10) Available at MAN CAVE March Round Taxi  [CX] Heathen Armguard Original mesh accessory Rigged for Belleza Jake and Signature Gianni Available in Black, Grey, Brown Event: Days of Yore Taxi  Mainstore  Webside … Read More underground

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No Reflection

No Reflection RO – Baphomet Horns – Infernal Taxi  VRSION SLSX5 Headphone VRSION SLSx5 Mask VRSION SLS X5 Eyepatch Taxi  A&Y Neos Cyber Mask Taxi  Astralia – angel of the hell wings RARE Taxi  [ContraptioN]&[CX] Devil’s Tail Pack II Taxi  [CX] Creature Claws – Silver [CX] Spiked Fury – Bloody Black [CX] Judgement Shot –… Read More No Reflection

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Wicca’s Originals

Wicca’s Originals Wicca’s Originals – Scratch Me Gloves [dark] @ Eclipse event Maitreya only Taxi  Mainstore  Marketplace   Wicca’s Originals – Dita Corset Maitreya Dita corset and panties. It comes with a HUD that provides 10 colors and laces as well as 5 metal color options. Dita is designed to fit Maitreya only. Mainstore  Marketplace   A&Y… Read More Wicca’s Originals

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Stray Dog Eden Skin

Stray Dog Eden Skin For Catwa Heads HUD with 2 skin versions: Natural & Freckles 3 Tones available: Compatible with Stray Dog Body Skin (03-04-05) Available at Mens Dept – March Round Taxi  VRSION KNV27 Backpack w/ Katana Taxi  Vango. Zack Hair Mainstore 

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A&Y Siren Cyber Jacket

A&Y Siren Cyber Jacket  A&Y Siren Cyber Jacket Exclusive item for ACCESS (12th March – 8th April) Available 7 color packs (2 base texture in each), 5 group of parts for customizing, tint palette, shine and glow options.Fit for Maitreya.  Taxi  Website  Mainstore  A&Y Siren Cyber Corset+Fishnet (Maitreya) – multicolor Mainstore  VRSION R23 Mask [MESH]… Read More A&Y Siren Cyber Jacket

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Do you know it

Do you know it :: DS :: Dakkar Industrial Glasses These glasses are scripted for texture change. Click anywhere on the glasses to bring up the menu. You can select a number of textures for both the frames and the lenses. You can adjust the transparency of the lenses, and independently set the full-bright and… Read More Do you know it

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many ways

many ways Stray Dog – Yves, Kedar & Clay – SKIN FAIR 2019 For Lelutka “GUY” mesh head HUD with 2 skin versions: Natural & Freckles Tones available: -YVES: 03 Tones (03-04-05) Compatible with Stray Dog Body Skin. -KEDAR: 03 Tones (08-09-10) Compatible with Stray Dog Body Skin. -CLAY: 04 Tones (01-02-03-04) Compatible with Stray Dog Body Skin. SKINFAIR 2019 – opens by March 8th!… Read More many ways