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Welcome to PeTOu. Please enjoy a stroll freely! You can take a photograph with the use of your posestand. (It will be returned in two hours) Have a good time 🙂

SL beautiful places

Saint Pete City

It is a city of wonder, of noises and sweet delights, of treasures waiting to be found, of stories. Welcome to St. Pete City…

SL beautiful places

Natural Falls V

Natural Falls is located in an abandoned, flooded metropolis slowly decaying under a derelict, elevated railway. Explore this urban sprawl of neglected gardens, forsaken shops and deserted homes.  

SL beautiful places

MetaLES ..O.. ArT Virtual Space

/*Windlight Sky: “Art Virtual Space” Sky @ 1300m to 1700m: “Foggy” Sky @ 1000m to 1250m: “Phototools- No Light”Sky @ 2600m to 2850m: “Midnight”Sky @ 1950m to 2400m: “Verdigris”*/  

SL beautiful places

The Outer Garden

The Outer Garden is a white world. It is most suitable for a walk and photography while conversing with a friend or lover.No nudity, no sex and no afk. If you break the rules, I’ll ban or eject you back to your home without warning. created by Bisou          

SL beautiful places

Majilis al jinn

An island of worn ancient cliffs sheltring a garden of wonders; Lost for countless ages in the midst of a vast ocean, home to Jinn, Elves and gentle spirits.