SL beautiful places


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Welcome to PeTOu. Please enjoy a stroll freely! You can take a photograph with the use of your posestand. (It will be returned in two hours) Have a good time 🙂

SL beautiful places

Saint Pete City

It is a city of wonder, of noises and sweet delights, of treasures waiting to be found, of stories. Welcome to St. Pete City…

SL beautiful places

Natural Falls V

Natural Falls is located in an abandoned, flooded metropolis slowly decaying under a derelict, elevated railway. Explore this urban sprawl of neglected gardens, forsaken shops and deserted homes.  

SL beautiful places

MetaLES ..O.. ArT Virtual Space

/*Windlight Sky: “Art Virtual Space” Sky @ 1300m to 1700m: “Foggy” Sky @ 1000m to 1250m: “Phototools- No Light”Sky @ 2600m to 2850m: “Midnight”Sky @ 1950m to 2400m: “Verdigris”*/  

SL beautiful places

The Outer Garden

The Outer Garden is a white world. It is most suitable for a walk and photography while conversing with a friend or lover.No nudity, no sex and no afk. If you break the rules, I’ll ban or eject you back to your home without warning. created by Bisou