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|CX|:::SOLE::: Chemicoll Gacha

|CX|:::SOLE::: Chemicoll Gacha 
We are happy to present our first collaboration with the brand :::SOLE:::
75L/per play
Gacha Content:
2 Rares
33 Commons
1 VIP Reward for every 1000L Plays
2 Exclusives can also be aquired by gathering Epiphany Points.
Clothing items are rigged for:
Maitreya ONLY
Clothing items include:
– Jacket with Armor Harness (Jacket can be worn without Armor Harness)
– Panties with Boots (Panties can be worn without boots)
– Tube Top
Accessories that are unisex and un-rigged are:
– Mask
– Pauldrons
– Head Connectors
– Backpack
– Neck Regulator
**All Items are Modify as always except for script content.**
**RARE Items come with a Texture change HUD**
****Always try a DEMO for rigged purchases to ensure you are happy with how the product fits your body type****
***NO SUPPORT for those who do not try the DEMO***